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Taking chances with rain and PR

Cancelling school and creating a snow day. Changing attendance boundaries. Those can be two of the most rancorous decisions that school superintendents face. When they make a decision, half of the people are angry, the other half are happy, even thrilled. Likewise, holding high school graduation outside with a possibility of threatening weather, can have a similar effect.

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Schools embrace social media

Two speakers at the INSPRA (Illinois Chapter/National School Public Relations) monthly conference offered some history on how they tackled a policy on social media by embracing this new wave rather than banning it.

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Perfect sound bites, strong messages

Sound bites are wonderful for television and flip cameras. They are part of the larger messages that we frame for the public. I couldn’t help but think of sound bites and messages this week when I heard Barack Obama’s response to presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s call to release the president’s long-form birth certificate.

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How deep should a communications audit be?

A communications audit is the backbone for initiating any worthy public relations program. The question I often get asked is how deep should an audit go? Should it be a shallow dive into the existing pool of communications and marketing activities? A snapshot, if you will, of your organization’s current program of digital communications, social media and traditional communications? Or should it slice into the depths of a program? An assessment of the effectiveness and credibility of communications and how it relates to the organization?

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