• Behr Communications - A Public Relations Company
  • Behr Communications - A Public Relations Company
  • Behr Communications - A Public Relations Company
  • Behr Communications - A Public Relations Company
  • Message development –We create focused, compelling messages that reflect an organization’s mission and support an institution’s needs.
  • Crisis planning and communications – We help you develop your response to the media and your constituents calmly and authoritatively, either in pre-planning preparedness or managing and executing a plan.
  • Issues management – We can provide advice that builds awareness in the court of public opinion.
  • Media relations – We’ll be your spokesperson or help you develop your own. We can also develop press releases, press packets, media statements and an organization-wide disciplined media relations strategy.
  • Communications audit - Are we communicating the right message to the right audience? How do we improve? We can conduct interviews, focus groups and electronic surveys to assess critical communication needs.
  • Communications/marketing plans – We create an achievable plan that meets your goals and budget. We can also help you implement it.
  • Community engagement – We want the community to own your goals and objectives. We help you do that with special events, communication strategies, and message and develop a call to service.
  • Newsletters, annual reports – We create attractive publications or e-newsletters and e-bulletins that appeal to all types of readers.
  • Social media – We can initiate and implement policies for social media and develop campaigns to ensure maximum exposure.
  • Marketing materials – We can produce persuasive white papers, direct mail, brochures, postcards, flyers, newsletters, annual reports, viewbooks and advertising from concept to execution.
  • Website development – We can develop a web site from concept to completion or anything in between.
  • Referendum campaigns – We can provide overarching strategy and communication materials for both information and citizens’ advocacy campaigns.
  • Onsite communications office interim staffing – We can provide temporary communications office staffing.





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